Spells Conditions to cast spells:

  • Spell Book - item required to cast spells (you need one in your inventory to cast spells)
  • Magic Power - skill required to cast spells (at last 1 skill point required)
  • Spell Scroll - contains the spell formula

Once you have fulfilled all conditions:

"Camp" menu -> "Take an action" -> "Copy scroll to spellbook" -> Chose scroll

You can copy scrolls even if you don't own a Spell Book yet.

In battle press "B" key to open Spell list. To close list chose spell or press "V" key. Your Mana points are displayed as a blue bar over your health bar.

Blessings (divine magic)

Conditions to cast Blessing

  • Holy Symbol - item required to cast Blessing
  • Faith - skill required to cast Blessing

New Blessings unlock with the level of your faith.

In battle press "N" key to open Blessings list. To close list chose Blessing or press "V" key.

Your Faith points are displayed as a white bar over your health bar.

Un-equipping weapons or shields

Different spells and spell types when used take up one of four weapon slots.

1st weapon slot is kept as it is.

Thrown spell take over your 2nd weapon slot in your inventory.

The Shield spell take the 3rd weapon slot.

Magical weapon summons (e.g. Cleric's Spiritual Hammer) will take the 4th slot.

This should be taken into account when choosing equipment for battle.